Digital Prints Are Looking Good!

Digital Prints

Digital Prints Are Looking Good!

Don Digital Prints Photo

I was supposed to meet my best friend from my old day job today, but I was carrying tons of plastic tubes ( for shipping the artworks and prints ), a huge roll of Watercolor paper ( for a couple of watercolor commissioned artworks ), tons of digital prints and a paper bag of food for my kids. So, me and my friend decided to call off our date ( insert emoji here ).

I am so stoked when I unwrapped the digital prints at home! All the photos here were taken on top of our dining table ( bad warm lighting ), and they look nicer in person! I don’t know if it’s just me, but seeing a ton of reproduction of my drawings, and the idea that I will be shipping this all over ( mostly US and one to France ) made me sooo happy today.

The prints are mostly 8 x10. But there are a handful of huge 12 x 15 and 12 x 18 prints too! The bigger prints, specially the POSTER ART I just did, look so darn good! I could just imagine the larger 16 x 24 and 20 x 30 prints! The larger prints take two days to process ( print ). Will be getting them by Friday.

I know it might sound HARD SELL, but I must say they really look so dang good! The colored artworks stand out so much, as the colors are so vibrant. The texture of the photo paper is matte ( but they have a shine in some angles ). Nevertheless, they are very good reproduction of my artworks. I am very glad I decided to have them printed at a KODAK Photo Printing shop, rather than in a normal home printer. It’s not about saving cost, it’s about sharing good quality prints after all.

I can’t wait to see the huge 20 x 30s by Friday! I will then have to sign and number each print once all prints are here. I decided to make all the prints LIMITED. Giving them a bit more value in time ( specially when I die already – LMAO ). Artworks regardless of style, gain more value once the artist dies ( fact ). hehehe

Anyways, pardon for spamming all my social media accounts with photos of all these prints. I am just too happy seeing them on our dining table today! Thanks as always for dropping by! Until next post guys! CIAO!

Don Digital Prints Photo
Don Digital Prints Photo
Don Digital Prints Photo
Don Digital Prints Photo
Don Digital Prints Photo
Don Digital Prints Photo
Don Digital Prints Photo

6 thoughts on “Digital Prints Are Looking Good!

  1. Very exciting! I love your work. I have been contemplating selling prints, but am so DIY that I try attempting at home printing and it never turns out. I never attempt to sell the sub-par prints. I think next time I will go to a professional printer.


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