All Contrived Office Comics

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I have been really busy the past month and have finished 4 Children’s storybooks already. I am still working on some Privateer Press inspired posters on the side and various other fun projects.

One of my regular projects is this ALL CONTRIVED web comics strip. Super fun stuff to make! It is a web comics published weekly. I find it very relatable as I worked in a corporate setting for 10 years. The comics is written and created by Vex Chagrin. I am just commissioned to illustrate them.

I would love to use the characters for my own script sometimes. I will need to ask permission from Vex. I prefer a RAT with big ears as character for a boss tho ( LOL ).

Anyways, do check out the comics at Instagram, Facebook and at the link below…

ALL CONTRIVED web comics

We are also releasing a weekly Corporate Dictionary now. Should be funny!
Anyways, thanks as always for dropping! Lunch is here! CIAO!

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